Legal Service Fees

In personal injury cases, Andrew often acts on a contingency fee (percentage) agreement. In other types of cases, different fee arrangements are available.

Andrew will discuss legal fees and expenses with you during your initial consultation, and where possible give you an initial estimate of your anticipated legal costs, so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed in your case.


Lawyers incur numerous expenses while acting for their clients. These expenses are called "disbursements" and can include items such as:  Court registry filing fees; photocopy and fax charges; postage, delivery, and courier charges; long-distance telephone charges; and the costs of reports from expert witnesses. Depending on the type of case, disbursements can be less than a hundred dollars, or up to thousands of dollars.

Andrew will discuss disbursements with you during your initial consultation so that you will know what to expect as your case unfolds.


In British Columbia, legal fees are both GST- and PST-taxable. Some disbursements (the expenses I incur on your behalf as your case proceeds) are GST- and PST-taxable, and some are not. Mediator fees are GST-taxable only (not PST-taxable).

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