Free Legal Consultation

Andrew provides a no-charge initial consultation in personal injury cases.

Please note that before Andrew can discuss the details of your case with you, he will need to know the names of all the other people and companies involved in the incident. Once he has those names, he will perform a "conflict check" to ensure that he does not already act for someone else involved in your incident. If you do not know the names of the other people and companies involved in the incident, Andrew can often obtain that information from other sources.

During the initial consultation Andrew will discuss your case with you and give you summary advice on your rights, responsibilities, and options. Then you will be able to make informed decisions on how you wish to proceed.

Please bring to the initial meeting all of your paperwork related to the incident, such as any statements you made, letters or documents from insurance companies, the police report, your receipts, your notes and photographs of the incident scene, pay stubs, and doctor's notes regarding your time lost from work.

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